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These pages are provided to give you a head start into various topics covered by our courses.

Omics and Biomarker Study Design

Omics and biomarker studies are inherently comparative. - We compare healthy to diseased, responders to nonresponders, good versus poor prognosis. The focus is usually on the how of this comparison (technology), but it matters just as much what we compare (samples, conditions). Whereas it is generally very difficult and costly to improve the measurement performance, it is often rather simple to achieve a quantum leap in result quality and validity by an improved study design.

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SVM Starter

Support Vector Machines and related Kernel methods are a very versatile and flexible approach rooted in statistical learning theory. Thus, they address one of the most critical issues in applied data analysis: Deriving a generalizable, valid model for future data from a limited amount of valuable training examples.

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Data Fusion

Data fusion is about a systematic, joint analysis of data from different sources (measurement approaches) aiming to harvest their synergy, trying to unravel the big picture. As rarely any single data source is able to capture the full information, there is a great current interest in this subject from various fields ranging from bioinformatics, chemometrics, pattern recognition to engineering.

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