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Our Expertise - Your Benefit

The chain is no stronger than its weakest link

Dozens of real world projects have shown time after time that data quality is at least as important as an optimal analysis. In fact the reliability of results is most often critically determined by obtaining the right data in the right quality in the first place. DA-SOL contributes its wealth of experience in this area and enables its clients to achieve superior data quality effectively by collaboratively refining the study design as well as implementing efficient quality control.

For those who know how to hammer everything looks like a nail

We care about your tasks. - We solve them with the most effective tools - if beneficial we just invent them!

DA-SOL is unique in its breadth of experience both methodologically as well as technologically. From textbook statistics and design of experiments, through chemometrics, bioinformatics, biostatistics, robust statistics, pattern recognition, support vector machines, image  processing to data integration, we have worked intensively with a broad arsenal of methods - always driven by the desire to provide the best solution. Likewise we have worked with a wide area of different technologies and applications, from sensor systems, all kinds of spectroscopy, imaging to microarrays and proteomics. We have solved problems from polymer recycling, animal health, food quality control, cosmetics to advanced cancer research and diagnostics.

The key for unleashing the full potential of your data

DA-SOL is unique in its capability to analyze your specific problem in depth and to identify the critical aspects for developing a reliable and optimal solution. Based on this analysis the most powerful analytical solution is developed and implemented in a validated manner. DA-SOL has successfully implemented numerous proprietary algorithms for a wide range of data analysis tasks.

You benefit as a client from:

  • More cost effective studies
  • More reliable data
  • Removal of critical bottlenecks for harvesting the full potential of your data
  • Streamlining the process from data to results
  • Full control over the data and its quality through our modular, rational approach
  • Leveraging the value of your data by domain knowledge
  • Powerful proprietary methods
  • Providing you with a full understanding of your data